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WyoTech, formerly known as Wyoming Technical Institute, is a for-profit, technical college founded in Laramie, Wyoming in 1966. WyoTech provides training programs that prepare students for careers as technicians in the automotive and diesel industry.


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Former Employee - Admissions Representative says

"Oh there are so many. First, it's very apparent that this school is playing damage control. There were quite a few negative reviews posted recently, but shortly there after there have been numerous positive reviews posted. And if you read between the lines, the verbiage is the same. My guess the positive written by the same person (allegedly). My advice , STAY AWAY, it's a toxic culture built on false promises,lies and no communication. Management has no accountability as they run unchecked through people. This is NOT a do right company, it's a sneaky stealthy company. If you ask questions about the lack of transparency, you will be shown the door. PLEASE avoid the heartburn. This place is not as advertised !"

Current Employee - Director says

"Where to begin? Poor benefits, terrible management with absolutely no communication until you here what you are doing wrong. We didn't have any regular meetings or training. It's recently purchased by someone local and he was going to turn it around. I don't see that happening."

Current Employee - Admissions Representative says

"rumor is they are getting ready to close the doors again. Don't waste your time. They shut down once and are getting close to shutting down again. If I could I would give them a -5"

Current Employee - Will Not Disclose says

"Poor management, favoritism, abysmal lack of communications"

Current Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"School closing after 52 years in business"

Current Employee - Instructor, College Or University says

"Long hours, poor pay and uncaring admistration"

Career Counselor says

"Management was uneducated and fairly inexperienced. Students were often misguided by other people at WyoTech, and career services became the focus of their rage after graduation."

Former Employee - Automotive Instructor says

"Incompetent management and only cared about finances and profits"

Former Employee - Motorcycle Specialty Instructor says

"A lot of the staff have no clue about what they are instructing. Many instructors were simply "backyard mechanics" that couldnt make a living so they became instructors. It is just a Diploma Mill. Get the students in, keep them happy and give them a passing grade. Any instructor that actually tried teaching something worth learning is quickly sent to meet with upper management and reprimanded for making the classes too hard. ANY complaint from a student for any reason is listened to and the instructor must defend themselves, right or wrong, because they have upset someone. Upper management have NO CLUE about motorcycles or boats and only care about numbers, not the product."

Current Employee - Sales says

"Predatory recruiting at it's most deceptive. Management is on par with congress. They love to brag about changing students lives and they do by putting them in debt for life. Employers are losing respect since the school started operating like Everest and passing illiterate students who struggle to fill out an application correctly. The scales are completely one sided when it comes to 'work/life" balance and life is nowhere in the picture. It is an extreme pyramid type of management. You only speak to one level up on the organizational chart, but, the orders are handed down from California. If you go to work here, keep in mind, you will be selling your soul for the profit of the greedy. The CEO takes more in pay than the CEO's of the next 3 competitors combined."

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